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About to pitch a series to NITV. More on that if it gets picked up.

Have started a film to keep us busy about our continuing struggle to produce a Feature Film. We have award winning scripts but no money ... like everyone else. It will contain a great deal of humour which is something you should never lose regardless how many brick walls you keep head-butting.

Received yet another failed submission notice from Screen Australia were very surprised when the full feature script was requested by Development Department. Needless to say it has been sent. Will be nice if we get a pleasant surprise before Christmas.


Have started work on a documentary that might just get over the line for a bit of funding. However if it doesn't we fully intend to complete it. Much too interesting not to. A lot of it will be shot in local South Coast N.S.W. Aboriginal language with English sub-titles. At this stage will  be at least 60 minutes. We have very committed Kooris involved. Have already started filming and will be going to La Perouse on Sunday for an interview with a Female Elder.  

Completed "STORIES OF THE HAIRY MAN" and entered this doco in a number of the big festivals: Sydney, Imaginative, Perth, Toronto. 

Recently signed an Option Agreement with a Producer. Just returned from a location scouting trip to Central NSW. A very successful  location scouting trip.

Let down by so-called producer ... what a watse of time. He had the opportunity to produce an entertaining film from an award winning script but went down the safe road with the usual load of rubbish. 

Will be starting a campaign to raise $25000 very shortly.

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